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Limited & Special Edition Guidelines



Special Edition Prints

  • A special edition print is only limited to 25 prints of a particular size and medium. There is no overall limit on the number of versions made of that particular image although Alice aims to not produce more than 25 editions of a particular image. New editions of any special edition images may be published at any time.
  • Editions may be offered in colour, sepia, black & white of the same image and images may be cropped when forming new editions.
  • No continuous numbering, each new edition will be numbered 1-25. The photographer agrees that no previous reproductions have been made they will not allow any greater number of prints than 25 per edition be published again.
  • Each print will be numbered and signed.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity will accompany each print to verify the number and details of the edition for each image.


Limited Edition Prints - Fine Art Trade Guild Guidelines

  • The Fine Art Trade Guild recommends that the edition size is kept below 850, including artists' proofs, worldwide. No previous reproductions are to have been made of a Limited Edition print and no more will be allowed of an image to be published again after the edition has ended. The publisher promises not to exceed the agreed print run.
  • If offering two different sizes in a Limited Edition print then the numbering must be continuous
  • No part or whole of a print published as limited edition should be reproduced in any other form anywhere in the world, except for the sole purpose of promotion, e.g. in a brochure, sales literature or in a book
  • Specific documentation with full disclosure should accompany any print described as limited edition

Anything else does not conform to Guild print standards, but is considered ethical when accompanied by full disclosure.